Icom HM-230HB Remote Speaker Microphone LAMPRO Solutions Barnsley


HM-230HB Remote Speaker Microphone with 10 Key Keypad & DisplayThe HM-230HB is a remote speaker microphone for use with the Icom IP501M mobile radio.

This radio has both a screen and 10-key keypad allowing for the user to see at a glance information such as time, date, channel number and current signal strength.

  • IP501M LTE/PoC Mobile Radio
    The IP501M is a new LTE/PoC mobile radio to complement Icom’s IP501H/IP503H LTE radio handheld counterpart. Designed to be installed in a vehicle, the IP501M will provide a straight forward, easy to use communication tool allowing drivers* with nationwide and European** PTT radio coverage using the LTE/4G and 3G network.



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