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RMS-IP LTE Radio Dispatcher

RMS-IP LTE Radio Dispatcher

RMS-IP is a powerful IP based PC dispatcher that not only allows you to manage your Icom LTE radio network but also serves as an additional virtual radio on your system. RMS-IP enables a controller to communicate with your team, monitor all radio activity in real-time and ultimately manage your day to day business issues more efficiently. As part of Icom’s LTE radio system, RMS-IP provides an important addition to your licence free, nationwide, full-duplex communication network.

RMS-IP Radio Dispatcher
• RMS-IP radio dispatcher is a ‘Virtual Radio’ which can be configured to work with Icom’s range of LTE handheld and mobile radios. The voice dispatcher can be used to make calls on talk groups or individual calls to specific units as well as send 24-character long text messages to the physical radios.
• RMS-IP allows you to monitor and keep in touch with your team from a PC. It will also log and store recordings of all radio traffic as well as GPS history and provide a variety of security features, such as emergency alarm and emergency SMS and email.
• The Voice Dispatcher functions like a traditional radio system. Use a headset to allow you to communication with your team.
• All data gathered by the portal (Recordings, GPS History) is sorted on our cloud servers for easy access from anywhere any time.

RMS-IP Emergency Features
• RMS-IP supports a range of emergency alert functions incorporated into Icom’s LTE range including Mandown, Loneworker and Panic Button features. These important functions are highlighted on the screen when they are activated so the dispatcher can take action to deal with any emergency.
• The Dispatcher has an emergency feature allowing you to send an SMS to a pre-defined mobile number and email to a pre-defined address. This message can include the Group the unit is using and location link.

RMS-IP Mapping
• RMS-IP mapping shows live tracking of all LTE radio units in use, so you can know where your staff are on the system. An operator can quickly access the movement history and keep track of selected users.
• It can also display records for every radio used on the system over a period time set by the operator. If the assets are not in daily use, the mapping tool will highlight which days on the calendar that history data has been recorded.
• The mapping tool is not limited to displaying just one system at a time. Multiple systems can be displayed on screen at the same time. This provides the operator with a fantastic tool, especially if they are used to organising larger events. E.g. Running Event: one system for Marshalls and First Aid Teams; another for Pacesetters and Support Crews (different colours can be used to define people/radio units).
• GPS History displays the movements of the units over a pre-defined period (data held on RMS-IP for 90 days – can be extended: paid feature).
• The mapping system is easy to use. Simply click, drag, zoom in & out. You can snap the map to individual units/radios – clicking binoculars icon.


RMS-IP Geofencing
• RMS-IP Geofencing allows you to set a pre-determined area on a map. This feature will detect when a user/users have moved into or out of the selected geofenced area.
• The defined boundary can be set as a circle, square or polygon. A polygon can be a defined boundary made into any shape required.
• When a tracked radio GPS position object moves into or out of that defined boundary area an alert can be triggered. This alert can be seen directed to the viewed map and sent as an SMS via mobile phone or email by the system software.

RMS-IP Voice Recording
• RMS-IP Voice Recording allows you to make a recording of voice traffic on a system if required. Recordings can be enabled for just one unit or the whole system.
• The recordings can be played back on a per-radio basis by entry in the database directly from the web browser. The operator can filter recordings by date and time, call type etc, and save the recording on to the client PC for later use.
• Recordings are stored on the system server database and remain there for 90 days after that the recordings are automatically deleted. If a customer requires the recordings for a longer period than 90 days, additional charges will apply.
• The ability to have at hand a recordings of an incident is important. RMS-IP provides searchable records for health and safety which is a very important issue for many organisations and businesses, should a incident require further investigation

RMS-IP System Requirements
• RMS-IP is an excellent tool for managing a hire fleet or day to day business needs and is designed to help operations managers monitor all radio assets quickly and simply. Businesses such as taxis, refuge collections, couriers, parking attendants/wardens, event organisers or businesses with field engineers to name a few will see benefit from this solution.
• RMS-IP is extremely flexible and can be used on a large range of devices including desktop computers, laptops and Android/iOS devices. The online portal can be used to track, manage and view Icom’s growing range of LTE radios.
• No licence keys are required. Can be used remotely, anywhere in the world.

• Multiple users can be signed to have access
• Login change function allows you to view the history of login changes. RMS-IP allows to keep tracking of what point in time the user data has been modified.
• Systems Log Feature – records changes to the system, records UserID who made the changes, what they did and the date/time of edit.
• The costs of the system are displayed to the dealer on screen, so a company can monitor their operation/running costs.
• When the history function is selected, can provide details such as time of position and speed
• Interconnect with other communication devices with Icom’s VE-PG4 RoIP remote gateway.

  • A powerful IP based PC dispatcher, acts as a Virtual Radio. Make individual, group calls and text messaging.
  • An excellent tool for managing a hire fleet or day to day business needs.
  • Voice Recording feature when enabled will record all traffic including Source and Destination identities.
  • Supports a range of emergency alert functions incorporated into Icom’s LTE range.
  • Shows live tracking of all LTE radio units in use, so you can know where your staff are on the system.
  • Geofencing allows you to set a pre-determined area on a map and detect whether a user/users have moved into or out of the selected geofenced area.
  • Extremely flexible and can be used onto a range of devices.
  • Cost effective solution, providing an integral part of an Icom LTE radio system.
  • No licence keys are required. Can be used remotely, anywhere in the world.
  • IP501H LTE/PoC Radio/Handset
    Icom’s IP501H LTE/PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) handset uses cellular network coverage provided by the LTE/4G and 3G network to provide you with stable communication. The LTE IP501H is ideal for transmitting in building environments where communication over traditional radio was constrained by the architectural layout and materials.
  • IP501M LTE/PoC Mobile Radio
    The IP501M is a new LTE/PoC mobile radio to complement Icom’s IP501H/IP503H LTE radio handheld counterpart. Designed to be installed in a vehicle, the IP501M will provide a straight forward, easy to use communication tool allowing drivers* with nationwide and European** PTT radio coverage using the LTE/4G and 3G network.
  • IP503H LTE/PoC Radio/Handset
    The IP503H is a small, lightweight LTE/PoC radio handset that offers licence free nationwide coverage over the 4G/LTE network. The IP503H is ideal for transmitting over long and short distances or areas where conventional radio is not feasible or is too costly.
  • LTE/PoC Two Way Radio System
    Utilising the biggest UK 4G/3G LTE networks*, the Icom PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) radio system provides licence free nationwide communication and instantaneous high-quality full duplex operation. The PoC system uses the mobile phone network thus reducing the cost of building and maintaining a wide area radio network.
  • VE-PG4
    The VE-PG4 is a versatile RoIP (Radio over IP network) gateway unit, which seamlessly interconnects LMR radios, LTE radios*, IP communication terminals, IP phone systems and external devices. In addition to the IP Network (LAN/WAN), the built-in LTE module (network coverage provided by a custom SIM card) provides virtually nationwide communication coverage.
    *Icom custom SIM card required for LTE systems/use.
  • VE-SP1
    Icom has introduced a new desktop conference speaker microphone for its growing range of LTE/PoC radios. The VE-SP1 desktop speaker microphone is easy to activate… just place the IP501H/IP503H in the slot and start a voice conference with your team…wherever they are!

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