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The IP730D series from Icom is a new Hybrid radio that can provide nationwide coverage over LTE networks as well as conventional VHF/UHF professional radio mode (IDAS digital/Analogue radio modes) to work locally. The versatility of having two technologies (LTE & IDAS Digital PMR) merged into one, provides a range of options and applications for industries ranging from event and facility management to large utility infrastructure projects. 


ICOM IP730D | Hybrid LTE/Licensed Professional Handset


ICOM IP730D | Hybrid LTE/Licensed Professional Handset

• Hybrid IP radio that combines an LTE radio and a conventional professional radio in one unit (IDAS digital/analogue mode)
• Dual mode operation for simultaneously receiving/transmitting in LTE and conventional professional radio modes
• Bridge mode function relays received IDAS digital audio to the LTE radio group, while transferring the LTE radio conversations to the IDAS digital group
• Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
• IP67 dust-tight and waterproof specifications that can be used even in environments exposed to rain or dust
• GPS function that can display the location information of the terminal on a PC map software or browser (LTE mode only)
• Compatible with RMS-IP LTE Radio Dispatcher




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